NeuroAssess App Quantifies Neuromotor Function @medgadget #forathletes #checkoutthevideos


Great breakthrough research into neuro function and testing. Here is some information for you. Thanks to medgadget for finding this information.

Background. Visuomotor abnormalities are common in aging and age-related disease, yet difficult to quantify. This study investigated the effects of healthy aging, sex, and handedness on the performance of a tracing task. Participants (n = 150, aged 21–95 years, 75 females) used a stylus to follow a moving target around a circle on a tablet computer with their dominant and nondominant hands. Participants also performed the Trail Making Test (a measure of executive function).

Conclusions. Measures derived from a tracing task identified performance differences in healthy individuals as a function of age, sex, and handedness. Studies in populations with specific neuromotor syndromes are warranted to test the utility of measures based on the dynamics of tracking a target as a clinical assessment tool.


Check out the videos for some deeper explanation:

Research Link:


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