Hypoxia and Exercise on Heart Rate Variablity #HR #Heartrate #Exercise



This article gives a great insight into how sport scientists need to monitor athletes individually. It all depends on their response to certain stimulus and then how sport scientists and coaches can modify their training. 

This line explains from the article is a great example:

“However, those who had a greater desaturation during hypoxic exercise had an attenuate recovery 24 h post-exercise and may be more susceptible to accumulating fatigue with subsequent training bouts”.

Food for thought!




2014 World Cup – Goal Line Video to be Used @jasonanson



The goal line technology has gone out to tender to companies that think they can produce the technology at a high accuracy, consistently.

Not only does the technology use video to determine the ball has crossed the line but also computer chips inside the ball. 

Wikipedia says it best:  “Goal-line technology is a method used to determine when the ball has completely crossed the goal line with the assistance of electronic devices and at the same time assisting the referee in calling a goal or not. The objective of goal-line technology (GLT) is not to replace the role of the officials, but rather to support them in their decision-making”.